A guide to win at Free Slot Games

Excited about slot games but don’t know what to play and how to win? Feel lucky to be here as we will explain everything about free slot games in our article. We will tell you which games to play and how to win. For a casino game fanatic, wide range of games is available. Try some bonus slots, 3-reel slots, progressive jackpot slots or video slots. Also, enjoy the lucrative feature they offer like wild multipliers, free spins, sliding symbols and lucrative bonus rounds. But, first thing to know is how slot machine works. Players should have understanding about their working to avoid few prevailing slot machine myths.

How slot machines work?

No matter whether you play online slot games or real slot machines, the working is same. A random number generator which is a computer component generates a random sequence of number in every millisecond a day. Every time a player hits the spin button a random number is generate that determines the outcomes. The previous and next spin is not correlated thus every outcome generated is different and based on an algorithm on which RNG software works.

The software is memory less which means the software don’t know whether they player has won or lost. A certain mathematical equation determines the fate of the player. No pre-programmed spins decide your results. RNG generates hundreds of numbers per second and the moment you click the mouse the reel land on to the symbol on the basis of the number that RNG is on. So, the deciding factor is not the RNG but the moment you click the button.

Therefore, every spin is independent and give different fair results. RNGs are tested to check for any possibility of manipulation in the game.

Types of free slot games

3-reel slot games-

The simplest of all 3-reel slot game is a slot machine with single line. This is best for the newcomer who is trying slot games for the first time. However, it is crucial to learn the basic rules in order to win. The online slot machine has 3 reels each having various symbols. Click on spin and RNG will stop the reel. If each reel lands on same symbols then the player wins. For every spin, 3 coins are required. In case a player wins rewards like progressive jackpots are given to the player.

Multiple reel slots

Also called as video slot game, this machine has 5 or more reels. They are also known as 5-reel slots as minimum 5 reel slots exist in the machine. This game is more sophisticated and attractive than others due to impressive graphics, images and sounds. This is somewhat similar to 3-reel slots but differs in payline and may have payline upto 100. It offers advantages such as multipliers, free spins, unlimited betting options and array of bonus rounds to the players. Players can easily won jackpots with maximum bet and receive high payouts on video slots.

Bonus slot game

Such games have a bonus game round that a player receives on triggering a certain combination of symbols. The machine has vivid graphics, theme and sound effect that make this game vivacious. Few slot games are mini arcade that makes the play more interactive and fun thus attracting hundreds of bettors.

Free spins

Here a player gets free spin once a certain symbol comes on paylines. This game is highly loved because of better payouts and free spins.

Multi -level slot game

Another popular choice of free slot games of players is multi-level slot game. Players, here get different opportunity to win at different levels of game.

Progressive jackpot slots

These are one of the highest rewarding games where players get opportunity to win hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, this is good for players who are ready to bet big. Different progressive jackpot slots are available at websites, casinos, slot machines and more. Few of them are:

• In-house jackpot slots

• Standalone progressive slot

• Multiple progressive jackpot slots

• Network progressive jackpot slots

Now, you have understood what a slot machine is and how it works? Let us clear some of the myths related to the free slot games.

• Change machines– few players believe that they should change the machine after winning a big jackpot. There is no correlation between machine and jackpot, it all about luck.

• Hot machines– most of the players believe that casino place machines that give highest payback percentage. But, it is not true despite being all machines programmed at different payback percentage.

• More crowd, less payback- that’s absolutely a myth as changing machine’s programming as per the crowd is not slot games easy.

Now, let us see some of the key slot machines tip to win a slot game. Here we have come up with simples yet most effective tips to win at slots.

Tips to win free slot games

Go for no-deposit bonus codes

Before hitting the spin reel, check out the best casino. The casino industry is huge and to get more players, every casino offer lucrative bonuses. Check out for no-deposit bonuses codes so that you can play without risk of losing. Invest some time and search for such casino.

Divide and conquer-

Casinos are competing to each other and they offer everything that seems attractive and beneficial to players. But, remember that online gambling laws are different in different countries so if a bonus or offer is valid in one country may not be same in other. First, check for the gambling laws in your country, check for the conditions for a bonus like wagering requirement and then pick that suits you.

Loose slots

Loose slot machine is beneficial as players get different pay out at different rates. However, they are tough to find.

Which slot is good?

Go for random jackpot instead of progressive jackpots. Latter depends on how many players are playing a particular slot. Random jackpots are good as they increase the chances of hitting a jackpot.

Free slot games are fun to play only when you know which casino is better and the logic behind the game. Now you can enjoy slot games with these tips.